Officially official! 

Hmm, my first blog post  gosh this is so ahhh what’s the word… oh yeah.. OFFICIAL!!  Where do I begin?!?! Alright here I go…Over the past few monthes I’ve thought about having a blog but I was always questioning what I would say. I decided that I’ll start it up and just roll with it.
Let me begin by saying Goood morning! As many of you know I am the rightful owner of FabFashLA on instagram, and Styleaddictions on snapchat! 

Makes sense considering that’s probably how you found my blog! If that’s not the case, then I strongly suggest you check it out. Either way, Welcome!

My name is Chai, (short for chaya). I come from LA . The city of angeles belonging to the beautiful California!  I’ve recently moved across country to study psychology. . So now I reside in the Big apple otherwise known as New York City!

You don’t have to tell me twice, I already know there’s a dramatic difference between the two sides of this country, and its not only the weather. But, I ‘m slowly beginning to navigate this city, and I’m getting the hang of it, I think!  Its so different its like living in another country!

Moving on to who I am and what I’m all about, well that’s a hard topic to discuss all in one post. But I’ll try to give you a glimpse!

While living here, I’ve began working as a Organzed Stylist. I feel that when your organized you can think clearly! Considering I also love clothing ,shopping, and style I figured  I could combine the two!  Thus creating  @The_OrgnizedStylist. (Yes, I obviously have an isntagram!)

The goal is for the client to know what’s inside their closet and what’s not. Moving forward we discuss size, dress codes, events, holidays and more! Based on that I can bring the client the things that were previously categorized as “not in closet”. Eventually the client will have an organized closet personalized with  clothing in accordance to their style.

Its not official yet but I’m working on it, so stay tuned.

One of my fav topics is clothing! Shoes, Bags, Dresses, Jackets, ooh I have a really good outfit for later! Story of my life, once I think of clothing I just can’t stop! I’ll save that convo  for later! Moving more off topic, clothing isn’t my only interest! Just like many, music is also one of my loves and Positivity is my main life code! If you arnt positive and you don’t like being positive, then I’m gonna tell you this nicely , I don’t think this blog is for you. Negativity is somthing I cant understand and I enjoy being positive so I’d rather not explore negativity!

I’d also like to call myself spiritual, cause its awesomeness! I believe things don’t just “happen”, there’s a reason behind it. We may not know that reason, but its there and God is just keeping it a secret. I cant really explain myself all in one post! So your just gonna have to follow along to understand, and trust me its worth it!

I must warn you , if you think this blog is strictly fashion you are wrong. Yes my name is FabFashLA but that doesn’t mean that this blog is going to be all about fabulous fashion. Don’t get me wrong I will definitely be posting fabulous fashion but that’s not all.

“What else will I post about” you ask?

Only way to find out is to join me in this crazy adventure called life and live spiritually, positively , and fashionably!




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