Calm Before the Storm…

Before I start I would just like to inform ya’ll that I know I haven’t been posting on my blog or my instagram, but don’t worry it’ll start to pick up soon. I’ve just been doing a lot of school work, and its taking so much time!!

Anyways …

Your probably wondering what the caption of this post is about.

If there’s anything I’ve learnt about the weather, it’s that no matter where you are it’s always unpredictable. Yeah, there’s weather reports and forecast but the honest truth is you will never know till the the day begins and even then you still won’t know. And so the obvious question will then arise, “Am I supposed to carry around  four different outfits throughout the day?” NO!!! PLEASE DONT!!!  Even though we don’t know what the weather will be exactly. We sometimes get a pretty good feel based on the season. That’s why we carry an extra sweater or maybe a pair of socks or tights.

“Why are we talking about the weather” you might ask. Well, the answer is very simple. You see yesterday the weather in NYC was about 60 degrees with a bit a wind. So me and my roommate headed to the city on a very interesting quest. (That post is coming soon) It was a first time in a long time that this chika dwas not wearing leggings or black tights!

Ahh it was so lovely I thought , “YASS finally spring has arrived!” It was just great!!

Throughout the week the big talk was how on Friday there would be this snow storm. But as the day went on I began to think that there is no way its gonna snow tomorrow  let alone be a snow storm!! Its just not possible!!

Well…  I was clearly wrong!!!! IMG_9084

How on earth can it go from sunny and beautiful 60-65 degrees to 30 degree weather?!?! Completely mind blowing!!

Beginning Saturday night March 11th ad continuing till sundown on Sunday March 12th, The Jewish people will be celebrating the holiday of Purim. It is a day of celebration to commemorate the salvation of the Jewish people in ancient Persia from Haman’s plot to destroy and kill all the Jews. Didn’t matter the gender or age, the execution day was set and only with G-d’s hidden hand were we saved from annihilation.  All of this was recorded in the Megillat Esther, which is read on the day and night of Purim.

The story of Purim begins with the King  Achashverosh  and Queen Vashti. King Achashverosh was the ruler of 127 provinces from Ethopia to India. While hosting a party, he request that his queen join the fun wearing nothing but her crown. Everyone knows you dont say no to the king, everyone but Vashti. So when Vashti declines the offer and refuses to come, the kings adviser ,Haman, suggest she must be punished. He also suggest that if she isn’t punished then all the other wives in the land will see what she got away with and start refusing their husbands as well. And so Queen Vashti is killed and now a new queen must be chosen… Esther.

I wont go into details of how she was chosen but to say the least she was miraculously picked from a group of women gathered from all over the 127 provinces.  Esther did not want to reveal that she a Jew at the fear that Haman might kill her. Throughout the story Esther is truly put to the test. She must try to save her nation while keeping her identity a secret, and maintain the role of being a queen. I could go on forever but that would be strenuous on everyone’s part.

Even though we don’t see G-ds name written out in the Megilla we can see He was the puppeteer pulling all the strings.  Esther was the “calm before the storm.” Without her the Jewish people wouldn’t be where they are today. None of this was by chance!!

“Where is my calm before the storm?”

Well Sunday is a big day, not only for its meaning but we’re also celebrating! If the weather this week would’ve been cold and gross, chances are many of us would’ve ended up with some sort of cold. But, we had this wonderful, amazing day where we didnt have to bundle up with a thousand layers. We had time to do errands and prepare for sunday without a major headache and we also had time to gather the things we need to prepare for shabbos, (sabbath.) Not only that, but Purim falls out right after shabbos!! A day of relaxation after all the shaloch manot have been prepared! A day to chill out before you have to run around the entire city to make sure that your child gives EVERY SINGLE KID IN THEIR CLASS a shaloch manot!!! I mean G-D FORBID WE FORGET ONE CLASSMATE!!! That is it the world is coming to an end!! But in all seriousness its a very cool thing to think about!!  One last thing to keep in mind, the snow isn’t really sticking. And according to my many New York snow storm experts, thats a good thing. (West Coasters we dont expect you to understand, im also talking to myself because i dont know what it means either!)

In any case I hope everyone has a joyful and fun Purim. Try to look out for the the good things that come your way! Even though it may be hard to find them in a situation that may seem completely crazy still look! Although it may seem ruff,  use the tools you were given to find the calm before the storm.




Top: ASOS.COM “Shell Top in Ponte with Gingham Bow Sleeves” (CAUTION: it runs big)


Bag: Louis Vuitton cross body

Shoes: Vince

Socks: Calvin Klien

Sunglasses: Rayban




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