Lashes on Fleek

I’m sure many of you have been hearing about the ongoing love for eyelash extensions. Being one of the many Fashionistas in the world I’ve decided to try them out! I’ve done my research and I looked into them and everyone said different things! So I decided to try them for myself! ​

​ and Viola!! Here they are!! Done by the amazing Marry Ennakab of lips_and_lashes_by_m don’t worry I’ve tagged her on my insta post!!!
Either way I’m really happy with how they turned out !! I don’t know if my regular lashes are completely ruined or not. I have to wait until these fall out to find out, but just in case I bought a lash serum from Nature Republic!! 

Im thinking of starting to add the lash treatment now, before the extensions fall off. But I’m worried about starting a reactionor something   strange so I’m gonna look into that more. So I’ll update everyone on that decision later.

As of now I’m absolutely loving my lashes and I think it was definitely worth it!! Thanx Mary!!!




4 thoughts on “Lashes on Fleek

    1. Thank you so much, at the end of 3-4 weeks I’m gonna update everyone on how my lashes are and hopefully I’ll still have my regular lashes! Worse comes to worse I always have the lash serum!!!


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