Lashes on Fleek

I'm sure many of you have been hearing about the ongoing love for eyelash extensions. Being one of the many Fashionistas in the world I've decided to try them out! I've done my research and I looked into them and everyone said different things! So I decided to try them for myself! ​ ​​ and... Continue Reading →

Calm Before the Storm…

Before I start I would just like to inform ya'll that I know I haven't been posting on my blog or my instagram, but don't worry it'll start to pick up soon. I've just been doing a lot of school work, and its taking so much time!! Anyways ... Your probably wondering what the caption... Continue Reading →


Hey there,  Guess this means you've made it here! Which means I have to tell you That the party hasn't officially begun! But Don't worry its starting soon! So  Stay tuned for FEBUARY 28th!!! Its just ONE day away!  CANT WAIT!! XOXO, Chai

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